Floor Mat Q&A

Over the years, we have guided hundreds of building managers through the floor matting buying and maintenance processes. Here are the 8 most popular questions they ask, and our concise answers:

1. How do you clean them?
Like carpets, but bleach & mineral spirits won't hurt them.

2. How long will they last?
Five to ten years (as long as you keep them clean).

3. How big can you make them?
Unlimited shapes & sizes!

4. Can you put my logo in them?
Yes, we die cut logos in many mats.

5. Will you come out and measure my entry/area?
Yes. We bring color & material samples to you and measure your area.

6. How many colors do you have?

7. How many styles do you have?
Several, enough to fit every entry situation.

8. Can you fix my old mats?
Yes, and not just our mats; we fix matting products from other manufacturers, too.

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